Affiliate Network

Let our experienced affiliates market your program for you

Affiliate Network

  • Have experienced affiliates market your program for you
  • Only pay for results
  • Reach new audiences
  • 24-7 fraud protection

Inject has a wide network of affiliates who are experts at marketing software, apps, games, and addons in particular. We screen and qualify affiliates before including them in our network to ensure that your products will only be marketed by the best.

Moreover, you will only pay for actual results so partnering up with our affiliates is completely risk-free. Our payment models include cost per action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS), pay per install (PPI), or revenue sharing. No upfront fees are necessary. We won't charge you a cent until you get your downloads.

Tap into new markets

With the Inject Affiliate Network, you'll be able to reach brand new audiences and users. Put your software in front of countless potential users and watch your download rates go up.

Professional account managers

Inject customer representatives are always happy to assist you. You can trust that you'll always have access to a live person to answer your questions and help you with your concerns.

Airtight security systems

We monitor fraud and suspicious activity 24/7 so you can be sure that you're only getting real, quality clicks and downloads from

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