Browser Add-On Monetization

Monetize an existing userbase

Browser Add-On Monetization

  • Easy and instant implementation
  • Multiple ad types and formats
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Live publisher support

Already have an existing user base for your software but need help monetizing those users? offers multiple monetization solutions to fit your program and your audience. Select from a variety of ad formats and monetization opportunities and start earning revenue as soon as you implement our code on your software.

How it Works

Going live with Inject is as simple as copy pasting a short JavaScript code into your program. No additional coding required. We'll do all the work for you.

  • Step 1

    Drop our line of Jscript into your Add-On

  • Step 2

    Select which monetization tools to Inject into your Add-On

  • Step 3

    Get paid when Injected actions are completed

Various Ad Formats

You'll be able to choose ad formats ala carte, and deciding on what types of ads will work best on your users and program is completely up to you. We offer a variety of ad formats, Relevant and Targeted -'s intelligent algorithms ensure that the ads being served up are relevant to your software AND your users' location. Every ad is optimized for maximum clicks and conversion so you can earn as much revenue as possible

Dedicated Publisher Support

Got any questions about implementation, customization, ad types, or even billing? Give us a call and live person will be waiting on the other line to assist you. Client satisfaction is a top priority at Inject and we work hard to ensure that you're always happy.

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