Installer Monetization

Monetize your installer to increase profits

Installer Monetization

  • Pay-per-install model
  • Boost your yield per user
  • Monetize your software even more
  • Compliant with all user privacy laws

Looking to increase your yield per user without charging people for it? Introducing our Installer Monetization program. If you aren't too keen with putting ads on your program or if you want to monetize your users even more,'s EXE solution can make it happen for you.

How it Works

We will bundle up other programs with your software and give your users the option to install them. You'll get paid for each successful install and your users stay happy because they'll get a chance to explore other free and cool programs.

  • Step 1

    Your program by bundled with credible software and established developers

  • Step 2

    Users can select to install the included optional software

  • Step 3

    You get paid for every successful installation

100% Safe for Developers and Users screens every program that we bundle up to ensure that they're safe both for developers and users. Additionally, our Quality Assurance specialists look into every component of the software to guarantee that everything is in order.

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